Monthly Events

Academic Year 2019-20

Saraswati Puja was celebrated with great fervor on 1st day of the academic year 2019-20 at JSS SMCS HUBLI. All the teachers and students gathered at the school premises to celebrate the day. Puja was offered to the Goddess of Learning. It was an attempt to preserve the Indian culture, to impart a sense of respect towards long established traditions.Principal Mrs. Rajani R Patil welcomed all the students and teachers for the new academic year.

World Environment Day 

JSS Shri Manjunatheshwara Central School HUBLI Celebrated environment day under the guidance of our beloved Principal Mrs. Rajani R Patil in a very unique way, by creating awareness of making one’s house and school green. Involvement of Teachers added feather in a cap. Teachers encouraged the students for ‘Go Green’ movement by bringing indoor plants for their respective classes and many class wise activities were conducted. Principal madam advised this should not be a one day activity and it should be a continuous process to make our environment green and safe for our posterity.

“It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” 
― Mother Theresa

'JSS SERVING HANDS CLUB' Serving hands club is helping the orphans to lead a normal life.This is an initiative of class IX girls of JSS SMCS HUBLI.The first visit to the orphanage was on 11/06/2019. The things that are usually donated are Cloths,Shoes,Toys,Books etc. We would like to request everyone something for this noble cause

International Day of Yoga AND Music Day 2019-20

JSS Shri Manjunatheshwara Central School Hubbballi, We organized “International Yoga Day” in our school. On this pleasant morning all children and staff members arrived in White Dress Code and made the school campus to look bright and auspicious 
The Chief Guest was honored by our beloved Principal Smt.Rajani R Patil. The Health Minister of our school addressed the students about the importance of the Yoga Day and Yoga Asanas. The Chief Guest Mrs.Sanju Koti advised the children to do stress free Asanas, Asanas for concentration which will increase the memory power and Asanas for smooth functioning of the body. Our beloved Principal instructed to students divert themselves from the touch of Electronic Gadgets towards Meditation Yoga Asana and Games 
The Chief Guest Mrs.Sanju Koti gave a start to Mass Yoga demonstration on International Day of Yoga in the school premises on voluntary basis for 45 minutes – She herself instructed all the children how to perform Asanas. Pupils followed her instructions and performed all the Asanas very easily and perfectly.
As today we also have ‘The World Music Day’. The Cultural Minister of our school gave a speech about the importance of Music. How Music brings a lot of changes in our minds 
On this Occasion we held many activities for different grades like Debate, Essay,Quiz, Slogan writing and Music concerts 
On this auspicious occasion many parents, all the teaching staff and non teaching staff were present and made it great success.

Parliament Election 2019-20

School presidential elections were held under the guidance of the Principal Smt Rajani Patil, Mother of Parliament Smt Jasmine Jogin   and Senior staff members. Students of class 8th, 9th and 10th contested for the election. The contestants canvassed for the precious votes and promised the fellow students to bring new and innovative methods in all the areas concerned to the school. Crystal clear counting was done in front of all the voters and Atif Khan of grade 10 was elected as the President of the school. Akash R L is elected as the Prime Minister of the school. Council of ministers was elected like Health, Education, Discipline, Excursion, Publicity Officer Cultural minister.


Today as it is a great auspicious day for everyone throughout the nation in regarding to “Gurupoornima”. On this occasion our students arranged every thing in a great manner. The celebration of “Gurupoornima” was inaugurated by our beloved Principal madam Smt. Rajani R Patil with lightning the lamp.

Students had arranged the whole event by themselves. They gave the speech by explaining the meaning of the shloka “ Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu, Guru Devo Maheshwara – and also said that how a guru inspires in one’s life.

Our Principal Madam addressed the students – that parents are the first gurus. So everyone should respect their parents and teachers throughout the life span.

Students praised their teachers and took blessing from them. All teaching and non- teaching  staff members made this event a grand success.

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