Rules and Regulations

  1. Children should present in school by 9:20am 
  2. Children should come in neat uniform with hair properly combed and nails pruned
  3. In case absent children should inform prior 
  4. Note book and Text books should be brought to school as per time table,class work and home work assigned should be completed and got checked by the teacher
  5. Children should respect teachers all the time
  6. Children should be in their respective bus stop in time, they should also board the bus correctly 
  7. Children are not allowed to bring any kinds of electronic gadgets
  8. Children should speak in proper manner and conduct themselves with decent behaviour
  9. Damages of window panes,classroom furniture, library books,computer accessories, writing on walls and using filthy language by the students shall not be tolerated.such students dealt with serious disciplinary actions.
  10.  Children should follow correct hygienic habits in school.

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