• Students must take initiative in getting his/her work completed if he/she misses a class due to any reason. The teachers would surely help them, but it is not the teacher’s responsibility to remind them (for class III and above).
  • The formative and summative examination dates will be informed well in advance.
  • The difference between a first ranker and others is made by his/her own grasp and regular study habits. The students are expected to develop regular study habits and not just prepare before the exam.
  • Extra reading and widening the horizons of knowledge is always appreciated by the school.
  • Students’ participation is extracurricular activities is appreciated. However participation in extracurricular activities or interschool comp
  • etitions cannot be used as an excuse from studies.
  • The students are expected to study thoroughly for the exams. Students found to be indulging in unfair practices during examination will be dealt strictly.
  • Participation in external assessmen
    ts, tests and competitive exams is purely optional but is recommended by the school.
  • The exams, tests and internal assessments in the school will be carried on as per the recommendations of CBSE and will be changed as per the circulars from the board from time to time. The students and parents will be communicated the changes in due time, if any.


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